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Senan Orphée Aissi Kinss
- He holds an MBA in Marketing (A master's degree in business administration (often abbreviated as MBA, acronym for English master of business administration) is the international graduate degree of the highest level in the field of overall business conduct: strategy, marketing, finance, human resources and management)

- He obtained a diploma in business management and a training certificate in cross-border association management.

- Currently he is training in BASIC (Certificate of aptitude for the coordination of projects of cultural and socio-cultural organizations).
Orphée Kinss worked for 12 years for the Colruyt brand where he was a union delegate. A man of contact, he had to lead non-profit organizations such as Synergie Diaspora & Progrès (an asbl which no longer exists but which was centered on the Senegal diaspora. Its main goal; created a framework for reflection for a better contribution to the development of Senegal. , support all initiatives that allow an oiled integration of Senegalese living in the Benelux).

Orphée is also the promoter of the “Gainde awards” (a multicultural event which highlights the Africans who have distinguished themselves the most in their field through the awards which are awarded to them)

The first edition took place in 2017 here in Belgium.
He embarked on the creation of the non-profit organization "The games of Eden" to create a perfect coexistence between the different communities through unifying activities.

Senan Orphée Aissi Kinss
Serigne Ndiongue
Seasoned cultural actor has managed several Senegalese artists. It is indeed in Senegal that he has spent most of his career.

A managerial activity that he continues to exercise here with Senegalese artists living in Belgium such as Mame balla, Paco Diatta, etc.

He is also the initiator of the "jouwai" festival in Brussels, which highlights African culture. The first edition took place in 2018 and the team is busy preparing for the second. So many experiences that demonstrate his attachment to culture and social cohesion.
Serigne Ndiongue
Laurent Pirson
(Decorator - Technical direction)
Laurent has been active since 1987 in the design of technical coordination and monitoring of vent and exhibition projects.

Its mission is to lead the technical and logistical follow-up in the construction of tailor-made concept, both on the choice of materials and on their application to the required standards. His mastery of space allows him to optimally innovate the scenographies presented.

In 2000 a new professional direction opened to him.
It all started with the exhibition "La belle Europe" (Tempora) at the Royal Museum of Arts and History.

Other projects follow:
"Da Vinci" Basilica of Koekelberg
"Bitch of War" MRA
"This is our History" Tour and Taxi
"America is also our History" Tour and Taxi
"SOS Planète" Liège Guillemain
“EDD” Copernicus Museum - Warsaw, Poland
"EDD Brussels" Tour and Taxi
"Hougoumont Memorial"

All these designs were carried out under the supervision of Laurent as well as a team of professionals in this field.

Ndeye Amy Gueye
Ndeye Amy Gueye
Renowned journalist in Senegal, Ndeye Amy Gueye masters the workings of communication for having accompanied events in her country but also here in Europe

She worked with the promoter of FOGECA, the operators' forum for the guarantee of economic emergence in Africa. This well-known event in Dakar has spread its tentacles in Europe with two experiences in Portugal (port and Lisbon)

Ndeye Amy Gueye also has a particular attraction for culture and living together.
Head of Communication and Digital Marketing
Ivonne Riveron Zárate

Trained in Digital Marketing and passionate about e-commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation. Ivonne also holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and a master's degree in Management Sciences.
Ex Community Manager, with extensive experience in communication, Ivonne joins our team as a volunteer, very enthusiastic about bringing her little grain of sand to the festival of diversity.
Ivonne Riveron Zárate
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