Afro literary walk

A literary meeting dedicated to writers from here and elsewhere.
"The Literary Walk" is a journey into the mysteries of the world of
literature driven by African and European writers with style and taste
totally different. These meetings which will bring together various
communities (authors and readers) want to be a vector of connection between
the inhabitants of Wallonia from all walks of life.
The objective is to create contact between authors and lovers of literature
around activities (such as debates, conferences, workshops
This literary walk will be approached by theme, the writer of the day is
chosen according to the themes highlighted in his works. This
during no subject is excluded, project leaders, who are promoters of the
living together, are part of an inclusive logic. The project aims
to move in all the anchor points of our partners.
This literary stroll is initiated by “Les jeux d’Eden Asbl”, VCAF Asbl and “Le Cocad Asbl”
With the participation of Fleurus Culture Asbl” and the Public Library “La bonne
source ".
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Celebrate Diversity
Our ambition is to make people discover these games, popular in Africa but little known in Belgium, to share a fun activity, to allow to discover a heritage, a know-how, traditions, a history.
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