Africa Games Festivals

International Board Games Festival
Africa Games festivals is an international festival of traditional and modern board games. The project aims to move in the 54 countries of the African continent. To promote these countries or cities that are in the line of sight, the festival is each time affiliated with a capital: Dakar "Dakar Games Festival", Conakry "Conakry Games Festival", Abidjan "Abidjan Games Festival, etc.
In 2022, it brought together in Dakar, Senegal, more than 15 exhibitors from Europe and Africa with around 3,000 participants. The second edition under the sign of co-development will still take place in Dakar on December 01, 02 and 03, 2023 at the Maison de la culture doubted SECK. The project is supported by the City of Dakar.
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Celebrate Diversity
Our ambition is to make people discover these games, popular in Africa but little known in Belgium, to share a fun activity, to allow to discover a heritage, a know-how, traditions, a history.
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